Site Map & Rules

The office at Old Stage is located in proximity to our many conveniences and amenities, including our store and game room (part of the office), restrooms, swimming pool, playground, and more. Click on the map, below, to download and view a larger PDF version. To help make everyone’s stay safe and enjoyable, please observe the following camping guidelines.

Rules & Guidelines

Occupancy - All rates include 2 adults and their children (17 and under), with a maximum of 8 people per site - including guests and day visitors.

Vehicles - Maximum of two (2) registered vehicles per site. This also includes guests and visitor vehicles. We have limited overflow parking, please plan ahead. All vehicles must display a car tag. Do not park on empty campsites – all extra vehicles must be parked in the lot by the front gate. Golf carts are not permitted.

RVs - Only one camping unit per site. No tents permitted.

Check In/Check Out - Check-In Time: 1:00PM Campsites / 2:00PM Cabin. Check-Out Time: 12:00PM Campsites / 11:00AM Cabin. A half day fee will be charged for early check in or a late check out.

Guests/Visitors - Guests & Visitors are permitted to arrive between 9:00 AM and 8:00 PM and must register at the office upon arrival. Do not have Guests & Visitors go directly to your campsite, even if they are only visiting for a few minutes. Guests & Visitors who have not properly checked into the office upon arrival will immediately be asked to leave the grounds. Please inform your Guests & Visitors of our fees and rules. Guests & Visitors are not permitted to bring pets. Overnight Guests must depart by 9:00 AM the following day. Day Visitors must depart by 10:30 PM.

Speed Limit - The park speed limit is 5 MPH. Pedestrians have the right of way. Vehicle operators must have a valid driver’s license.

Quiet Time - Quiet time is from 11:00 PM to 8:00 AM.

Trash - Bagged trash only in the dumpsters. All bulk items must be removed from the park. Do not throw lawn chairs, boxes, etc. in the dumpsters.

Recycling - Aluminum cans, glass bottles and plastic may be recycled in the blue barrels next to the dumpsters.

Fishing - Fishing in our ponds is catch and release only no license needed. Please use barbless hooks. A fishing license is needed for the Bellamy River.

Alcohol - Alcoholic beverages are permitted following New Hampshire law. Excessive drinking / rowdiness will not be tolerated. Underage drinking is not permitted.

Dumping - Black or Grey water may not be drained on the ground. Please use the dump station. This is a State Law.

Water Usage - Do not wash dishes or laundry in the restrooms or an open faucet.

Campfires - Always build fires in the designated fire rings. Do not move fire rings. Fires out at 1:00 AM. Absolutely no outside firewood permitted.

Prohibited Items - Chainsaws, ATVs, slingshots, firearms, fireworks, air guns, BB guns, and paint guns.

Community Standards - No article of visible clothing may be worn that displays profanity, inappropriate behavior, or suggestive acts. The same standards apply to the display of flags, pennants, signs, vehicle graphics, bumper stickers, or any other items that others might find offensive, either on your campsite or elsewhere within the campground. If you are uncertain, err on the side of good taste and the maintenance of a positive, non-confrontational camping environment.

Nature - There will be no cutting of trees or bushes.

Rules for Children & Their Adults

1. Children under 18 shall not be left in the campground unattended or without a responsible adult.

2. Children 16 and under must wear helmets while riding bikes. It’s the State law.

3. Children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult to the pool or pond to swim.

4. Children under 12 must be back to the campsite by 9:00 PM, teenagers must be back at 10:30 PM.

5. Children under 10 must be accompanied by an adult in the restrooms. Help us keep our facilities clean by picking up after yourselves.

6. No bike riding in the campground after dark.

7. Do not throw stones, logs, or debris into the river or the pond.

8. Please do not build dams or move the rocks in the river.

9. Please use pathways and roads to get from here to there.


1. Aggressive dogs are not permitted.

2. Keep your pet leashed and under control at all times. Excessive barking will result in you being asked to leave the park. Do not leave pets unattended.

3. Pets are not permitted in the restrooms, pool, and public buildings. Please be mindful of those who have pet allergies.

4. You must pick up after your pets.

We reserve the right to evict – without refund – any camper or camping group who creates a nuisance or disturbance or breaks any of the above rules.

Cancellation Policy

Sites - All reservations cancelled will be billed a minimum $20 cancellation fee per site or minimum stay required fees per cancellation terms. There is no refund for early departure, weather or no show reservations. Reservations cancelled with 30 days notice will receive a refund less the cancellation fee. Reservations for holiday or special event weekends will not receive a refund. Any cancellation with less than 30 days notice will not receive a refund.

Policies Effective January 2011, Subject to Change at Management’s Sole Discretion.